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    Dr. Kirchner Receives Extension Funding from Biodesign

    Dr. Varia Kirchner has received additional support through the Biodesign Faculty Fellowship Extension Funding Program for her project "Rehabilitation of DCD Livers Ex Vivo.”

  • – Healthier, Happy Lives Blog

    How a Social Media Post Led a Teen to Find a ‘Kidney Buddy’ for Life

    Jaxon was diagnosed with nephronophthisis, a genetic disorder of the kidneys. Children who have this disease need a kidney transplant by the time they’re teenagers, as it eventually leads to kidney failure.

  • – Healthier, Happy Lives Blog

    New Liver Gives a Toddler a Renewed Chance at Life

    “Ocean was in dire need of a liver transplant,” says Carlos Esquivel, MD, pediatric transplant surgeon. “He was very ill and running out of time to wait for a compatible pediatric donor. We rarely get a pediatric donor. We had an offer for him from an adult donor that was his only chance for survival. We were able to use a small segment of the donated liver to save his life.”

  • – Stanford Health Care – Now

    Physicians Perform Stanford Health Care’s First Autologous Islet Transplants in Two Patients

    For patients with chronic and debilitating pancreatic disorders, autologous islet transplantation represents a possible treatment approach that doesn’t require systemic immunosuppression.

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    Autologous Islet Cell Transplant with Dr. Vavara Kirchner

    Dr. Varvara Kirchner, an associate professor in the Division of Abdominal Transplantation, explains autologous islet cell transplant. In addition to the procedure, its benefits, and its ideal candidates, she and host, Rachel Baker, also discuss the history of the procedure, Dr. Kirchner's mentors, and her future plans for the program.